Why Boosterthon?

Fundraising is a necessary component to the success of any PTO, as it provides funding for much needed programs, and a large portion goes directly back to your child’s classroom for education supplies. 

So why Boosterthon?  Why are we partnering with this program for the third year in a row??

After many years of successful efforts using product sale companies and other great fundraisers, our school as a whole needed to change our approach to the way we went about raising money for BHE.  Our school participation was consistently less than 50%.  Although the funds came in and the budget was met, fundraising at BHE received a lot of negative feedback and required many unnecessary volunteer hours.  Did you know that most product sale companies keep nearly 60% of the money raised? This required our school to fundraise multiple times a year, and we did not want families to feel the burden of constant fundraising.

The first year we made the switch from traditional fundraising to Boosterthon our school profit went from $9,000 to $28,000!  That’s right; we more than doubled our money. We did one fundraiser, we did it right, and we were done for the year…AND we saw an increase in family participation!!  This is the first and only fundraiser that we have found that includes all students no matter their financial contribution. Our students work together as “teams,” and classes receive rewards and incentives based on team goals.


Did you know that Boosterthon takes the lowest percentage of most fundraisers? Boosterthon takes about 50% and provides BHE with an entire team of members on our campus for 2 weeks visiting classes, filming morning announcements, encouraging students to live a healthy lifestyle, helping PTO with promotion, and even assisting our dedicated carline helpers!

This is also the only organization we have found with a “give-back” initiative. Each year, at a certain prize level, there is an initiative where profits are used to help children. One year, for each time a student received a certain prize level, the Boosterthon team went to local hospitals to give a sick child the same prize! Last year, the Boosterthon donated 5 meals to a family in need for every $5 per lap earned in pledges.  This year, Boosterthon will donate to KidFit Salute, which provides scholarships to our military children hoping to play a sport.  We have families at BHE who have actually benefitted from this very initiative!!

Thank you again for your generous support of this program.  As a PTO, we take the responsibility of finding the “right” fundraiser for our school very seriously.  Outside of needing the finances, we want one that involves all of our students, is healthy, and benefits our staff and volunteers as well. Over the last 2 years, Boosterthon has provided over $50,000 PROFIT to our school in the form of updated technology in every classroom and brand-new playground equipment.  In addition, we also give a percentage of money collected straight back to your student’s classroom for needed education supplies.  WOW!

Thank you again for all you do. Our school is so fortunate to have the incredible support of our families. We appreciate you!!!


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Boosterthon Fun Run!

Hello BHE parents!

This year we are once again hosting a Boosterthon Fun Run!  This promises to be our biggest fundraiser of the year, and is a great opportunity to continue making a difference in the lives of all the children at BHE!!

The goal of the Boosterthon Fun Run is to raise funds, while at the same time teaching our children the importance of Character, Leadership and Fitness.   Our goal this year is to raise $20,000.  The money will go towards expanding the arts at BHE.  In addition, there are always new items and programs we would like to make available to our students.  PTO can help make this possible with the Boosterthon Fun Run, but we need your help!

The Boosterthon program will kick-off with a Pep Rally on September 30th.  Please look for the Boosterthon Pledge Book that will come home with your child that day, and be sure to visit the website at to begin entering pledges.  The program will end with the exciting FUN RUN on October 9th for ALL students.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  We are asking parents to connect their child with potential sponsors who can pledge a dollar amount per lap, or give a flat donation toward the number of laps the student runs at the Boosterthon Fun Run event.  Most students will run between 30-35 laps (max laps is 35).  For example, a $1.00 pledge per lap x 30 laps would equal $30.00 gift to the school.  All checks are made payable to Bethel-Hanberry PTO, and are due one week after the Boosterthon Fun Run event (October 9, 2014.)  Every student participates in the Fun Run, regardless of pledges raised, and receives a “Boosterthon All-Star” t-shirt.


Please help Bethel-Hanberry Elementary in three ways:

  • Connect your child with sponsors.  Use the “share” function on to easily connect your child with the friends and family on social media.
  • Come and cheer on your child at the Boosterthon Fun Run event on October 9th.
  • Email us at if you would like to volunteer your time to help us make this year’s event a success.

Thank you again for being such a wonderful group of parents!  We appreciate the investment you continue to make in the lives of our students and our school.  We look forward to seeing you at the Boosterthon Fun Run!


Katie Rummel

BHE PTO President

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2014-2015 School Calendar

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Welcome to the Bethel-Hanberry Elementary PTO site!  

We hope that you will take advantage of all the wonderful things that BHE and the PTO has to offer.

The mission of the BHE PTO is very simple:

To bring a closer relationship between families and the school, so that parents, teachers and administrators can work together in training our children at the highest level possible.

With your help last school year, we were able to organize several new events for our school and families. We started off the year right by raising over $27,000 through the Boosterthon Fun Run.  With that money, the school purchased new Chromebooks and iPads for each grade level.  In addition, we raised close to $10,000 with the discount card/cookie dough Spring fundraiser.  Those funds allowed us to provide incentives for the students and faculty throughout the year.  We are looking forward to continuing to support BHE through these fundraisers again.

Last year, we had our first annual Father/Daughter Dance and Mother/Son Bowling Night.  Both events were great successes, and we added Mother/Daughter and Father/Son events to the lineup this year.

As always, the PTO is open to anyone who wishes to be involved.  There is a place for everyone and the rewards are endless.  We encourage your feedback, as we strive to improve everything we do for our school!

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